Our Company

Satispay is a Fintech company, operating in the mobile payment industry. Having created a payment system that is independent from debit and credit cards, Satispay allows users to pay stores or friends from their smartphone.

Our headquarter is in Milan, Italy, and we also have offices in Luxembourg City and Berlin, Germany.

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If you don’t have a Satispay account yet, download the app and sign up with the promo code TALENT

Our Values

These are the values that inspire us:

  • Do it smart: always ask ourselves if we are doing what we are doing in a smart way, if there is a better way to do it and if the product we are building is smart itself
  • Be responsible: we have the privilege to work on a project that can make a great impact and change the world. There is no point in changing the world if we are not making it a better place.
  • Believe: if we want to make a positive and great impact and change the world in a better way, we all need to believe we can really do it!

Our Vision

Simplify payments to improve everyone’s life.

Personal characteristics of the candidate

We are looking for smart and highly motivated people that share our values and our view of business. We want specialists that have experience working in fast growing companies and that need to work within a dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving workplace.

Our team is comprised of the best talents around, because we know that hiring bright people is vital in making Satispay the best payment system ever built.

If you are passionate, if you are ready to work long hours and if you have a relentless desire to learn, then come join us! You’ll be in great company.

What we need


  • AWS experience around Basic AWS services such as EC2, AMI, S3, IAM, VPC, ASG, ELB etc.
  • Experience with microservices architecture
  • Linux and Scripting skills preferably Bash & Python
  • Network topologies and common network protocols and services.

Hands on:

  • Serverless (Lambda, Fargate, Dynamo)
  • Container technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker is must
  • Infrastructure as Code using Cloudformation, Terraform, Ansible, Chef etc.
  • CI pipelines using CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Jenkins
  • Security strategy and policy for an AWS environment

What you will be doing

As a Cloud Software Engineer, you will be responsible for improving our cloud infrastructure, by designing, building and maintaining a scalable and reliable architecture, capable of supporting both the consumer and the research ecosystem.

You’ll be working closely with a team of Software Engineers and you’ll be involved in design scalable solutions and identify best design pattern and tools to deploy Satispay new feature in production. Our stack features some of the most exciting technologies out there (Terraform, languages like Java, Javascript, Python, and a wild number of AWS services).

Assess current components and analyze to re-architect, design, develop, implement data processing in AWS adhering to AWS best practices using infrastructure as a code language such as Terraform.

Deploy, automate, maintain and manage AWS cloud-based production system, to ensure the availability, performance, scalability and security of production systems. Build, release and configurate management of production systems.

Be responsible for overseeing the security architecture and IT compliance of Satispay cloud infrastructure.

      Logistic & Salary

      The role is based in Milano.
      We offer a competitive salary, commensurate with experience.
      Stock options plan available.

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